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Ransomware becoming more targeted

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Purveyors of ransomware have, until now, tended to adopt a shotgun approach; spraying malicious code across as wide a field (aka the Internet) as possible in the hope that some of it will hit a victim. It now appears that they have switched their weapon of choice to a sniper… Read more »


US healthcare security showing signs of recovery

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2016 was a bumper year for healthcare data breaches in the US, with 328 medical businesses suffering security failures – up from 268 in 2015. The stats for 2017 are more encouraging however, showing a decrease in the number of leaked records in the year so far. The worst case… Read more »


Advertising the newest bugs

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Internet bugs and their cures are now being promoted and launched much like the latest designer fashion item or car, and the new kid on the block is called Badlock. Some industry experts are criticising this trend, where a company discovers a bug, creates the patch for it and then… Read more »