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Using SS7 flaws to hack into bank accounts

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Signaling System No 7, or SS7 for short, is a set of telephony signaling protocols created by telecom companies in the 1980s to allow cellular and landline networks to interconnect and exchange data. Due to longstanding problems, researchers have been voicing concerns over security flaws in this protocol for many… Read more »


Office 365 gets security thumbs up

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Around 60 million businesses have adopted Office 365 as their cloud-based office suite of choice. While its in-built security features are viewed in a positive light, they can also be augmented with add-ons. The specific characteristics that customers favour include Active Directory – which is easy to integrate with in-house… Read more »


Rethinking two-factor authentication

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When it comes to account security it seems that the long-touted 2-factor authentication via SMS code is no longer up to the job. Two-factor authentication, in the form of a password and a temporary code sent to phones by SMS text message, is no longer viewed as adequately secure, following… Read more »