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Uber drivers used customer data to stalk

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Ward Spangenberg, a former information security specialist at Uber, has claimed in court that staff at the online taxi firm are using its vehicle-tracking technology to flout data protection and consumer privacy obligations by leaking information on the movements of politicians, celebrities, ex-lovers and employees. He also accuses Uber of… Read more »


Uber: Friendly hackers welcome

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Uber, continuing its trend of unique business modelling, has offered employment to friendly hackers as part of its cyber security protection measures. By putting its business offering into the marketplace for ethical hackers to test and exploit, Uber is using the latest techniques to make sure its website and apps… Read more »


Security gap reveals Uber driver info

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Taxi service Uber has revealed that the personal data of some of its drivers has been compromised, a leak which was actually discovered by one of the drivers rather than a concerted attack by hackers. The driver was in the process of uploading documents and was able to see sensitive… Read more »


Uber app sparks high court row with LTDA

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London’s transport authority has announced it does not believe Uber’s car service is breaking the law by using an app to determine charges. The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) has claimed the app equates to being a taximeter, which private vehicles are not allowed to use. It plans a demonstration… Read more »