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Green energy lacks cybersecurity

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They may hold the key to saving the planet, but wind farms are easy prey for malicious hackers. Researchers from the University of Tulsa have exposed the vulnerability of wind turbines to various kinds of cyberattack, demonstrating how easy it is to hack into one unit in order to bring… Read more »


Presidential WiFi networks lack security

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Donald Trump has a whole lot on his plate, and it seems lack of basic cybersecurity is one of those things. The WiFi network at his favoured retreat and summit venue Mar-a-Lago in Florida has anything but the best or even greatest security in place. Researchers were able to pick… Read more »


Ex-employee’s scam backfires

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Not content with launching an unsophisticated payroll scam on his employers’ computer system, a Californian security officer had another go at them after he had been sacked. Having stumbled upon the credentials for the company’s payroll system, the officer began logging himself in for unworked hours of overtime. Once this… Read more »


WikiLeaks exposes hacks by spies

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The latest revelations from WikiLeaks suggest that the CIA has been using its hacking tools to compromise hard and software products made by tech majors such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. The report also claims the spy agency has developed an automated multi-platform malware attack and control system for… Read more »


New malware attacks defy detection

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Unidentified hackers have launched a series of ‘invisible’ memory-based malware attacks on at least 140 organisations – including banks, telecoms companies and government agencies. The attacks, which are continuing, are spread across 40 countries; with the random list of US, UK, France, Ecuador and Kenya being the most heavily affected…. Read more »


Your toothbrush is watching you

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With the advent of the Internet of Things, intelligence agencies may soon be able to monitor our every movement – even the most private ones. The US Office of National Intelligence is already using six paradigms for collecting intelligence. They now have a new protocol called TEMPINT (temporal intelligence) which… Read more »


School fires IT admin, loses access to emails

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First rule of HR etiquette – never fire your IT staff without making sure you can access your computer system without them. The American College of Education in Indiana neglected this elementary piece of tech logic when they dismissed their IT Administrator a while back. After his departure, the college… Read more »


What you can learn from US election hacks

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The recent well-publicised hacking incursions into sensitive US election material have highlighted the need for more thorough cyber security protocols across the board. Wired magazine has come up with its own easy-to-do recommendations on ways in which everyone can tighten up their online security – including adopting better passwords, two-tier… Read more »


Leadership failure caused massive data breach

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A congressional report into a major cyber security breach at the US Office for Personnel Management – which manages HR for American civil servants – is pointing the finger at complacency and incompetence amongst senior staff allied to sloppy cyber hygiene and inadequate security technologies. The intrusion is believed to… Read more »


Hackers check into US hotel chains

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Customers at twenty hotel properties owned by HEI Hotels and Resorts, including Starwood and Hyatt, may have had their credit card information stolen and leaked in a cyber attack earlier this summer. Targeting the hotels’ POS (Point of Sale) systems, hackers have potentially purloined guests’ card details while they were… Read more »