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What you can learn from US election hacks

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The recent well-publicised hacking incursions into sensitive US election material have highlighted the need for more thorough cyber security protocols across the board. Wired magazine has come up with its own easy-to-do recommendations on ways in which everyone can tighten up their online security – including adopting better passwords, two-tier… Read more »


Leadership failure caused massive data breach

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A congressional report into a major cyber security breach at the US Office for Personnel Management – which manages HR for American civil servants – is pointing the finger at complacency and incompetence amongst senior staff allied to sloppy cyber hygiene and inadequate security technologies. The intrusion is believed to… Read more »


Hackers check into US hotel chains

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Customers at twenty hotel properties owned by HEI Hotels and Resorts, including Starwood and Hyatt, may have had their credit card information stolen and leaked in a cyber attack earlier this summer. Targeting the hotels’ POS (Point of Sale) systems, hackers have potentially purloined guests’ card details while they were… Read more »


Legal iTunes download scuppers leading torrent operator

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The FBI has collared Ukranian Artem Vaulin, the man believed to be behind KickassTorrents (KAT) – the world’s biggest purveyor of torrent files. If Vaulin is convicted, there could be major implications for the illegal downloading of music, movies and TV shows. Ironically, Vaulin’s identification as KAT’s supremo came about… Read more »


Slow start to world’s first cyber-counterstrike against IS

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In the war against IS, the USA unveiled a world-first in May when they announced the creation of new section of the Defense Department called US Cyber Command, or ‘Cybercom’. The new cyber initiative, led by military command and consisting of both military and intelligence personnel, is the first publicly… Read more »


Uncle Sam is watching EU

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A new ‘Privacy Shield’ agreement will once again grant American tech companies legal cover to transfer data from the EU to their servers in the US. This replaces the previous Safe Harbour privacy agreement, in force since 2000, which regulated how US companies handled data of EU citizens – but… Read more »


Landmark court case

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The company Epic Systems has just been awarded over 900 million dollars in a court case brought against one of its contractors for accessing trade secrets. This amount may be reduced as the company involved plans to appeal. Epic sells electronic software for the healthcare industry and the contractor in… Read more »


State sanctioned hacking?

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The US Supreme Court has announced a procedural change which will allow magistrates to issue search warrants to access and investigate computers which are outside their immediate jurisdiction. The reasoning behind this is to enable the judiciary to pursue those who perpetrate crime across different states, exploiting legal border restrictions…. Read more »


Ransomware gets more sophisticated

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A new and nasty variation on the ransomware theme has come to light in the US. Called MSIL/Samas, this ransomware does not just infect a sole computer, but seeks to extend its reach across entire networks. The FBI is seeking industry experts to help them combat this latest threat which… Read more »


Pentagon invites hackers to try their best (worst)

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So called friendly hackers have been invited to test out the Pentagon’s security systems by hacking into them, a commonly deployed move by commercial organisations keen to find any flaws in their systems before unfriendly hackers get there first. This is part of a growing US government backed move to… Read more »