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Password manager infested by bugs

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White hat hacker Tavis Ormandy has unearthed two serious vulnerabilities in LastPass, the cloud-based password management service. Ormandy, who is a member of Google’s crack Project Zero security team, found that both the LastPass Chrome and Firefox extensions have exploitable content script that malicious webpages can attack to extract usernames… Read more »


Your printer may have ears…

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… and the ability to spy in on your mobile phone. Inspired by mobile phone towers disguised as trees and all manners of innocuous objects, a Berlin-based hacker-artist has devised an office printer that can listen in to private telephone conversations and text messages. Part a prank, part art installation… Read more »


Cars held to ransom(ware)

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While technology has improved automotive safety in plenty of ways, the increase in internet connectivity also opens the door to potential cyber criminals. Nearly three quarters of new cars have telematics systems, giving hackers the opportunity to lock drivers inside or outside their vehicles or even freeze the ignition; leaving… Read more »


Hackers spot Windows of opportunity

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Researchers at security firm CyberArk have raised concerns that Windows’ Safe Mode is anything but safe. The feature appears to give hackers more opportunity to steal PC login credentials and disable security software – while remaining undetected. Given the number of Windows systems in use, this risk could impact billions… Read more »


Profitable ransomware industry with a conscience

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Cyber security firm McAfee reports that ransomware attacks have increased by 128% over the past year, with one attacker netting $120m in just six months. Despite these stats, the story has a heart-warming element. On underground forums some of the usually rather more unscrupulous hackers have condemned their peers for… Read more »


New Chinese rules could open the door to hackers

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A coalition of international businesses is lobbying the Chinese government to ask it to rethink its new cyber security legislation. The new laws were first mooted in 2015, essentially as a means to give the Chinese government more control over its IT infrastructure as a way of increasing censorship powers…. Read more »


Facebook Messenger’s vulnerability

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Due to a security flaw in Facebook Messenger, users’ precious chats, photos, files and links could be altered, deleted and even become infested with malware. Hackers have been shown to be able to exploit this vulnerability in order to identify Facebook Messenger’s unique chat ID numbers, which allows them access… Read more »


SAP vulnerabilities remain a threat

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American security firm Onapsis has discovered a security breach in 36 international companies with potentially devastating consequences. The affected organisations are located around the globe and cover a range of industries, although none of them have been directly identified. The vulnerability appeared in an older version of the widely used… Read more »