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Password manager infested by bugs

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White hat hacker Tavis Ormandy has unearthed two serious vulnerabilities in LastPass, the cloud-based password management service. Ormandy, who is a member of Google’s crack Project Zero security team, found that both the LastPass Chrome and Firefox extensions have exploitable content script that malicious webpages can attack to extract usernames… Read more »


No antidote for new PoisonTap tool

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American super-hacker Samy Kamkar has invented a plug-in device that could take PC vulnerability to a whole new level. The aptly named PoisonTap is an inconspicuous tiny USB dongle. An attacker only needs briefly to plug it into a computer – whether locked or unlocked – to open a series… Read more »


Can you hack it?

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The US Copyright Office has lifted the restrictions that stop people from reverse engineering their own devices to pinpoint security vulnerabilities and fix glitches. Believe it or not, but until now, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act essentially had made tinkering illegal. It had prevented users from hacking into the software… Read more »


Researcher finds a chink in Pay Pal’s armour

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When security researcher Henry Hoggard forgot the answers to his Pay Pal authentication questions, he circumnavigated the problem by using a proxy software programme to alter the stream of data so that it seemed as if he had given the correct responses. Mr Hoggard alerted Pay Pal about this vulnerability,… Read more »


Yelp calls in bug bounty hunters

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Yelp, the online customer review service, is offering hackers up to $15k to pinpoint vulnerabilities in its system. Yelp receives around 140 million unique visitors to its desktop and mobile platforms each month, making it a perfect target for hackers. Particular concerns are that attackers could maliciously tamper with reviews,… Read more »