The 10 most hacked countries

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The 10 most hacked countriesAt a time when interest in the popular music charts is on the wane, a new Top Ten has emerged – the Hacking Chart. Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs has produced a cyberattack map, revealing that the ten most hacked countries are Vietnam, Russia, India, Germany, US, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Ukraine. The UK languishes (or perhaps that is the wrong word) at number 28.

With cybercrime one of the fastest growing global ‘industries’, Kaspersky and similar security businesses are having to field more and more questions such as where attacks originate, where users most often click on malicious links and which types of malware are most prevalent.

Kaspersky reports that the number of threats it detects each day has climbed from 70k to 300k in just three years. These figures, alongside its map, clearly indicate that cyberspace is the battleground of the modern era.