The atomic bomb of our age

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The atomic bomb of our ageCyber threats have been named the twenty-first century equivalent of the atom bomb, with some calling it the greatest possible threat to western security since the dark days of the Cold War MAD era. The co-founder of Apple and early collaborator with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, made these claims in a recent television interview and he is not the only one to draw such parallels; in 2013, John Kerry, US Secretary of State, reached a similar conclusion.

With the rapid development and evolution of cyber terrorism, its potential reach and level of threat posed by ever more sophisticated methods is increasing at an alarming rate. The attack on Ukraine’s national power grid is the perfect example of the potential scope of cyber terrorism and its crippling effect on a national and international level. In light of this and recent terrorist activity across Europe, officials from both the US and the Russian governments recently met to discuss international security at a summit in Geneva.

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