The changing face of cybercrime

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The changing face of cybercrimeAccording to speakers at the Cambridge Cyber Summit in Massachusetts, the world of cybercrime is shifting as hackers line up new targets. Not that anyone nostalgic for the good old days need worry – ransomware and critical infrastructure attacks aren’t likely to disappear any time soon. It’s some interesting insight from a wide-ranging panel of experts from across the public and private spectrum.

One new trend is towards manipulation of social media for political ends, to alter popular opinion and to turn one faction against another – rather than purely for monetary gain. Another growing threat is from dark markets – which are used by organised crime gangs for drug trafficking, gun running, child exploitation and numerous other nefarious activities.

The best way to tackle these new challenges is through greater cooperation between public and private sector, including law enforcement agencies and the social media giants. Facebook alone has 2 billion user accounts to police, spread far and wide across the globe. There are no easy solutions.