The cyber crimes that escaped the limelight

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The cyber crimes that escaped the limelightJust as politicians like to use a big disaster story to divert attention from their smaller gaffes, so the massive Yahoo debacle has allowed a number of other security breaches to slip under the radar.

As well as the previously chronicled attack on a nuclear power plant, a hacker has raided US-based data storage firm Modern Business Systems, releasing 58m customer records into the wild. This is believed to be the ninth biggest hack of all time.

In Turkey, an attempt by the government to prevent the distribution of leaked official emails has failed, as hacktivist group RedHack anticipated the move and has now made the stolen data available to all.

Furthermore, Microsoft has been forced to patch five undisclosed zero day vulnerabilities and the botnet that scuppered tech journalist Brian Krebs is now freely available for anyone to use. Troubling times indeed.