The haunted keyboard

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The haunted keyboardSecurity firm Bastille has discovered that due to a lack of inbuilt encryption, hackers are now able to seize control of computer keyboards, dongles and mice. Dubbed KeySniffer, the technique allows a hacker armed with a cheap radio device to intercept the connection between a computer and an unencrypted wireless keyboard. It also permits the hacker to type keystrokes on the victim’s machine and record the target’s typing – without being detetcted

The vulnerability of wireless keyboards has been known to the security-savvy for some time, with researchers identifying the problem as far back as 2009 by breaking weak Microsoft encryption with a program named KeyKeriki. However Bastille’s work goes a step further, demonstrating that more than a single manufacturer is vulnerable and that this is an industry-wide issue.

Bastille is advising anyone who owns a hackable device to switch to a wired keyboard or one that uses Bluetooth.

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