The key to Google staff security

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Plugging in or unplugging the USB flash memory to the laptop pc computer.The use of USB security keys by Google staff has been so successful – with no known breaches during the last twelve months – that the company has decided to produce one of its own. The small physical device adds a second line of defence, particularly against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. Multifactor authentication such as this is considered to be the most effective form of cybersecurity.

The new Google Titan Security Key will provide stiff competition for existing manufacturers.  Google employees currently uses Yubico’s YubiKey – as do most of the world’s largest internet businesses. It is considered to be a better option than Google’s own Authenticator app.

Security keys are easy to use and more effective than other types of two-factor authentication – although any multifactor security is certainly better than none, especially at a time when over 70% of cyberattacks are using phishing scams to harvest passwords and log-in credentials.