The million dollar phone

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The million dollar phoneWell, almost. But would you pay $14,000 for a phone? The Solarin phone has just been launched by Sirin Labs and is aimed firmly at the top end of the income market. But what justifies the price tag? Turns out, an almost James Bond-esque blend of apparently inviolable security features. The Solarin innovators are keen to stress that this phone is not just another designer item, and have deliberately gone for a fairly innocuous design – the real value is the hidden software which aims to make this an impregnable device.

Sirin is a Swiss company although the phones are being made in Sweden. The Swiss incorporation has been used to offer the most secure privacy laws for the end user, but some industry pundits still challenge Sirin’s claim for total security. This is because of the phone’s Android basis and the ultimate reliance on someone else’s technology and security – Google.

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