The woman behind bug bounty programmes

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The woman behind bug bounty programmesKatie Moussouris is a woman with impressive credentials when it comes to helping organisations defend themselves against cyber attack. Building on her time at HackerOne where Moussouris was instrumental in convincing Microsoft that a bug bounty programme might be a neat idea, Moussouris is at the forefront of an emerging consultancy market which assists organisations in the complex and often politically difficult process of bringing friendly hackers into the fold, utilising their talents to shore up defences against the less friendly type. We imagine it to be one big love-fest of creative coder types..

Her most recent victory came when the Defence Department launched its Hack-the-Pentagon programme, one of the first of its kind for a governmental body. Moussouris has now launched herself as something of an independent crusader against security crime, developing bug bounty programmes to encourage ethical hackers to investigate and identify weak areas and vulnerabilities in systems before the cyber criminals get there first.

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