Ticketmaster scam tip of the iceberg

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Hooded Computer HackersIt now seems that the recent Ticketmaster data theft is just one of many similar incursions. According to Californian cybersecurity company RiskIQ, this is part of a major card-skimming operation that could have compromised more than 800 e-commerce websites.

Threat actors Magecart are using third-party suppliers of chatbots and other customer-communications tools to penetrate the online shops of many high-profile consumer brands; threatening to encrypt sites that try to delete their malicious code.

Initially Ticketmaster played down the breach, which accessed its websites through AI supplier InBenta, but it now appears that the ticketing agency was more heavily compromised than first thought – and that it is only one of a growing number of e-commerce sites to be targeted, with potentially millions of victims worldwide.

Read more at https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/ticketmaster-data-theft-part-larger-credit-card-scheme-security-firm-n890206