Turbo-charged Russian hackers continue cyber spree

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Turbo-charged Russian hackers continue cyber spreeRussian hackers are certainly going at it full throttle at the moment… After ‘bears’ hacking the DNC, the NSA related hack of zero day vulnerabilities and Taiwan’s ATM bank heist, Russia-based hackers are believed to have also hacked into several major Point of Sale (POS) equipment companies. These manufacturers make attractive targets for hackers because of the data they store, including retailers’ passwords and shoppers’ credit card information. It was not immediately clear whether any sensitive information has been swooped up.

This latest raid follows the recent attack on Oracle’s MICROS Point of Sale system. All five targeted companies confirmed that they were investigating the breach and taking remedial action, including advising potential victims to remain vigilant for unusual account activity.

Read more at http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/suspected-russian-hackers-behind-oracle-breach-hit-five-more-cash-register-firms-1575657