UCLA Health System suffers massive data breach

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UCLA Health System suffers massive data breachIt seems that another security breach has occurred within the US healthcare sector after it was announced that there was an incursion of the UCLA Health System affecting 4.5 million individuals. It looks as if this has been an on-going and undetected breach for several months. The hackers have had access to all types of personal data, all of which was unencrypted.

The implications of this breach are endless. There are not just financial considerations for those people whose data has been accessed, but potentially also issues surrounding the use of or alteration to their medical records with far reaching implications. Complications in privacy laws mean that it can be very difficult to correct errors on medical records, placing a very onerous and expensive burden on each individual victim.

UCLA Health System are contacting all those affected by email with a plan setting out their options. As an industry, however, the US health sector is going to need to reassess how it stores and protects sensitive data. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this headache is going to go away.

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