UK customers will ditch hacked firms

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UK customers will ditch hacked firmsA Onepoll survey has revealed that almost half of its 1000 respondents would cancel their account if their provider suffers a data breach and over a third would avoid a company that has been hacked previously.

TalkTalk, Yahoo, Three and Tesco Bank have all fallen victim to hacks in the past twelve months. These high profile security breaches have increased public awareness of the vulnerability of their personal data, held by companies providing their phone, banking, healthcare and leisure services.

The survey also suggests that a significant percentage of victims would be prepared to claim damages against compromised service providers – either individually or through a class action.

This study contradicts an earlier one this year, which found respondents perhaps surprisingly loyal to companies who’d experienced a hack. It could be an indication of shifting public awareness and greater willingness by consumers to accept the inconvenience of shifting accounts rather than having their data leaked.