UK cybercrime epidemic – police baffled

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Criminal in handcuffsCyber fraud is now so prevalent in Britain, and across the world’s richest countries, that traditional street robberies and bank heists are almost a thing of the past. Furthermore, almost all cybercriminals go unpunished.

At present, due to a lack of resources, Britain’s anti-fraud police are unable to cope. There have been almost three quarters of a million cybercrimes in the last twelve months, yielding the felons a massive £190 billion. Conversely, police numbers have dropped by 20,000 since 2010.  With priority being given to frontline troops, the fraud office has shrunk to a level where it can only process 10% of reported cases.

Many online scams are so risk free and easy to perpetrate that the chances of the attackers being caught are virtually non-existent. Just 1% of online fraudsters are brought to book, and if any more were prosecuted the legal system wouldn’t be able to cope. Unless the police receive more specialist resources, cybercrime is likely to escalate to unthinkable levels.