UK supermarket giant Tesco hit by cyber hackers

      Comments Off on UK supermarket giant Tesco hit by cyber hackers has been hit by a cyber attack affecting more than 2k customers.

The list of accounts was posted to a popular text-sharing site earlier on Thursday. The supermarket giant said the data had been compiled by hackers using details stolen from other sites.

A small number of people contacted by the BBC via the email addresses given on the list confirmed their accounts had now been deactivated.

All those contacted said their login details were correct and one added the attackers had used them to steal store vouchers. Tesco are now investigating the alleged data breach and have confirmed that they have contacted all customer’s who have been affected. Tesco also plan to reimburse those customer’s who have had vouchers and codes stolen.

Password and email combinations seen in those large breaches were then tried on the Tesco site and resulted in 2,239 hits where the same credentials were used.

This attack is not the first time that Tesco has fallen victim to cybercrime. In early 2013 hundreds of owners of Tesco Clubcards reported their loyalty card account had been penetrated.

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