University of Maryland announces computer security breach

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iStock_000010623991XSmallOfficials at the University of Maryland announced that a data breach has exposed 300,000 records of its staff, student and faculty members. The breach has affected those who have records at the university dating back to 1998.

The attack occurred at 4am on Tuesday 18th February when an outside hacker gained access to a secure database that holds social security numbers, dates of birth and university identification numbers.

Brian Voss, vice president and chief information officer for the university, told the Washington Post that the hackers didn’t change anything within the university’s computer systems. However, he says, they essentially ‘made a Xerox of it and took off.’ Voss says that what concerns him the most is the level of sophistication the hacker – or hackers – used to gain access to the university’s private records. 

Voss says that the breach isn’t like most cyber attacks, where ‘someone left the door open’ allowing an easy way in for any average hacker.

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