US Craft Store Michaels latest large retailer to be hacked

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shutterstock_153621362Another major US retailer may have been the victim of a data breach aimed at customers’ debit and credit cards. After major US retailer Target found themselves under fire for compromising 40m payment cards in December, as well as the subsequent revelation in mid-January that the personal information of 70m customers was also compromised in the attack, Michaels announced on Saturday that it may have been hit by a  hack similar attack.

Before the Target breach, Neiman Marcus was used to steal card info from about 1.1 million people between July and October, but hackers are targeting more than just major chains. The FBI’s report says that greatest number of attacks investigated actually occurred at small-to-mid sized local and regional businesses.

According to a statement released by the chain on January 25, shoppers at any of the North American locations of the Michael’s stores could have been exposed to a data leak which could put their credit or debit cards at risk. The company says it is working closely with federal law enforcement officials and third-party data security experts to determine the cause of possible fraudulent activity reported on some US cards which had been used at Michaels’ various store locations.

It is not known yet if these credit card hack attacks are are somehow linked. Experts have warned that companies can expect more hack attacks like this in the future due to the accessibility and affordability of the type of software used in this kind of attack.

Michaels is the largest U.S. arts and crafts chain with stores in the U.S. and Canada. It operates 1,137 Michaels stores and 122 Aaron Brothers framing shops.

It is thought that more US retailers will be revealed to be affected by hack attacks in the coming weeks.

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