US gets tough on Russian cybercrooks

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Russian hacker with binary hoddy typing on a laoptopWherever you look at present, it seems there are Russians up to some sort of monkey business. Hot on the heels of the punitive measures doled out by Britain following the Salisbury nerve agent incident, nineteen Russian ‘spies’ have had US sanctions slapped on them for alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election – as well as for general hacking activities, including interference in America’s energy infrastructure.

The individuals, most of whom are involved with Russia’s Federal Security Service or Internet Research Agency, will have their US assets frozen, access to the US financial system cut off and will no longer be allowed to have business dealings with American citizens.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister has alluded to the likelihood of retaliation. One Russian oligarch, known as ‘Putin’s chef’, is planning to respond by boycotting McDonalds. With more Russian assets in the freezer, is a new Cold War creeping ever closer?