US Government launches cybersecurity proposals

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students at a lecture theatreFaced with an increasing threat from cybercrime, the US Government has published a draft report proposing that cybersecurity education should become a core part of the engineering degree curriculum.

Another of its recommendations is that more must be done to alert the population as a whole to the potential dangers of the Internet of Things (IoT), through a public awareness campaign. It urges the tech industry to build better security into its IoT devices and to work with the Government to protect consumers from cyberattacks.

The report also draws attention to potential vulnerabilities in the new and widely-adopted IPv6 version of the Internet Protocol, pinpointing the fact that having an individual IP address increases a device’s fallibility to hacking – as witnessed by the Mirai botnet attack in 2016.

Although these proposals are so far merely recommendations rather than actual legislation, the report has received praise for steering a middle course between hysteria and complacency.