US Government releases cybersecurity findings

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US Government releases cybersecurity findingsWith cyber attacks reaching unprecedented levels, the White House’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity has made public the results of a nine-month study into America’s cybersecurity problems.

Amongst the list of action points are fixing the shambolic regulations (read: non-existent regulations) on security of IoT consumer devices such as routers and webcams, re-organising responsibility for federal agencies’ cybersecurity and fostering a new generation of skilled American cybersecurity experts.

The study suggests introducing a system of security ratings for consumer products, similar to the nutrition labels on food. It recommends a mandatory program requiring the training of senior officials at all federal agencies in cybersecurity basics, and also calls for more transparency on whether devices are secure or not.

Alongside these recommendations are several calls for more studies and voluntary guidelines. Whether findings are implemented will depend on the new US administration’s approach to cybersecurity. It remains to be seen how much of this plan will be implemented by the President-elect who famously said that ‘the cyber’ was a conundrum..