US Government to launch cyber intelligence agency

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US Government to launch cyber intelligence agencyWith the threat of cyber attacks increasing daily, the US Government is set to launch a new centralized agency for cyber threat intelligence. According to Advisen, homeland security advisor Lisa Monaco said, “It has become clear that we can do more as a government to quickly consolidate, analyze and provide assessments on threats or cyber attacks.”

The new agency, the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC), will fall under the watch of the director of national intelligence and will analyze and report on data that has been legally collected by other government agencies, rather than collecting any data itself.

As part of the launch, the Obama Administration has proposed a bill making it easier for private companies to share cyber threat information with the government. Data shared would be protected under the Freedom of Information Act and in return to the companies that assist, the government would offer liability protection.

Data breaches have grown five-fold in the last six years.

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