US healthcare security showing signs of recovery

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US healthcare security showing signs of recovery2016 was a bumper year for healthcare data breaches in the US, with 328 medical businesses suffering security failures – up from 268 in 2015. The stats for 2017 are more encouraging however, showing a decrease in the number of leaked records in the year so far.

The worst case of medical data insecurity was the Anthem health insurance mega-breach in 2015, when criminal hackers broke into its servers and stole 78.8 million records containing personally identifiable information.

The figures come from security firm Bitglass’s third annual Healthcare Breach Report. Its findings suggest that the most common cause of breaches are unauthorised disclosures – anything from lost or stolen computers to the accidental mailing of personal information.

Not unnaturally, reporting procedures for the medical profession are far more stringent than for other industry sectors. This means breaches are more likely to be caught and reported, unlike incidents in some other industries.

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