US state to tighten laws against cyber harassment

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iStock_000000040739XSmall (1)Cyber harassment could soon be considered a crime in the state of New Jersey. The crackdown on cybercrime could land offenders in jail for up to 18 months or issue them with a hefty fine of up to $10k. State senator, Donald Norcross wants to cover the ‘cyber loophole’ under current law in order to ensure that these cases are addressed in the same way that person to person harassment or phone calls harassing are handled.

Norcross said his measure would be quite specific about what constitutes as cyber harassment. He said: “When the threats occur, they’re not accidentally being made,” he said. “They go to a certain condition that goes knowingly, with the intent to emotionally or physically harm. So no one will accidentally do this.”

Many parents have attempted to protect their children against online harassment only to find there is now law to support them.

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