Voice recognition apps may be used for advertising

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Voice recognition apps may be used for advertisingA recent thread on the community website Reddit seems to indicate that mobile phones may be getting used for some rather dubious advertising methods. Smartphone users have been reporting that their phones seem to be listening in on their personal conversations and then serving up advertising or newsfeeds which relate to the topics those chats. Some of these conversations have been so specific and personal that it seems unlikely that human error or coincidence was involved. An industry expert has since confirmed that, following some initial research and tests, the existing functionality of Google Android does indeed make it possible for a programme or app to listen into real-time conversations.

Google has categorically denied that it is snooping on Smartphone users by manipulating its voice recognition software, stating that there is no dormant recognition process listening in to users’ conversations. This would also go against Google’s stated policy of not collecting data without the users’ knowledge. An intriguing story for sure!

Read the full story at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-35639549