WannaCry was only the beginning

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WannaCry was only the beginningSounding like something out of a John Le Carre novel, the Shadow Brokers are the mysterious hacking group that powered the recent crippling WannaCry attack. Believed to have connections with senior government in Russia, the Shadow Brokers are seen as one the world’s most sophisticated and dangerous cyberattack teams.

Security experts are predicting that their massive attack in April this year was just the start of an ongoing and long-term ransomware campaign using cyber weapons purloined from the US National Security Agency. ‘Brazen’ may just be an understatement for a group that is even offering monthly subscriptions for hacking kits and tools which it aims to drip feed over the course of the year.

Governments, businesses and private internet users are all vulnerable to future attacks – and, worryingly, experts don’t seem to think there’s much anyone can do about it except meet the hackers’ cryptocurrency demands. Even a good basic level of cybersecurity awareness is no guarantee as these tools are extremely sophisticated and some stump even security specialists.


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