Webcam hackers pose serious threat to unsuspecting users

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webcam verticalShocking new statistics have emerged from anti-online bullying and harassment foundation, the Cybersmile Foundation, relating to the amount of complaints regarding webcam hackers.

Shockingly, there is a growing trend in peadophile hackers tracking down their victims using special search engine and then accessing their webcams remotely.They exploit computer viruses which can grant access to a victim’s computer, enabling them to turn on the webcam of a bedroom computer and begin recording.

Predatory users are accessing sites like Facebook, Skype and Chat roulette to help find youngsters who have access to webcams, before targeting and ultimately hacking their PCs and laptops.

Once a child has been identified, the attacker uses computer viruses known as Trojans which enables them to gain remote access to the targeted PC.

When the connection is established, the hacker will turn on the webcam and begin secretly recording the victim. Many young users have been co-coerced or forced into providing nude image via webcams or have been blackmailed by the hacker once remote images had been obtained.

This year a hacker in America was jailed after for accessing the webcam of the current Miss Teen USA and taking pictures of her while she was naked.

Internet safety expert Charles Conway, told The Daily Telegraph: ‘Users will be tricked into downloading a virus, which may be embedded in a simple piece of software such as a screensaver, or included in a download of a popular music album or movie downloaded from a pirate website or file sharing service.’

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