WhatsApp rolls out encryption

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WhatsApp rolls out encryptionWhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has revealed that now all its messages can be completely encrypted. This is a very timely development set in the light of a well reported dispute between Apple and the FBI in the States over an encryption issue, and some cynics might point towards it being a well-time promotional stunt. Be that as it may, WhatsApp has advised that with these changes, it will no longer be able to reveal encoded information even if it wanted to.

This development from WhatsApp is innovative because the messaging service offers complete security from start to finish, and significant because of the number of WhatsApp users which runs into millions. This is to be a default setting and not something that a user will need to first enable – and neither will they be able to disable or opt out of it. There is a snag, however. WhatsApp prompts users to back up their conversations to the cloud, which would mean that even if only one person involved in the chat does so, this data is accessible by WhatsApp, Apple and the cloud service provider. Bit of an issue there, so we’ll likely be hearing more about this in the future.

Read the full story at http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/whatsapp-enables-end-end-encryption-there-may-be-cloud-loophole-1553372