Which mobile devices are safer?

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Which mobile devices are safer?Amongst the many questions we ask ourselves each time our much-loved phone upgrade rolls around is: which device is safer? Nowadays, mobile phones are no more safe than computers, and their systems’ security continues to be compromised by a rising number of malware and hack attacks. Industry commentators have been researching the security and vulnerability of competing devices so that consumers can make informed choices when purchasing (or upgrading) their phone. Apple in many ways still has an edge on competing operating systems as they have full control of their product. In comparison, Android’s foremost virtue is also its weakness, as the many different variations of software, programmers and manufacturers of Android devices provides ideal conditions for hackers to search for gaps in the fence.

However, experts warn that there is no room for complacency in any part of the market and that the continued popularity of Apple devices is in itself a great lure to cyber criminals. So Apple or Android? Well, there are plenty of clever apps and security programmes out there which do a great job of securing your mobile, no matter what it’s running on. So why not get that Louis Vuitton phone with Swarovski crystals – it’s what’s on the inside that matters.

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