Windows 10 is hanging on your every Word

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Windows 10 is hanging on your every WordAnyone using Windows 10 should be aware that Microsoft is tracking, logging and storing their every keystroke. While no one seems to be quite sure as to why Microsoft would be interested in this kind of information, it sure is useful for hackers – keystroke tracking is a popular means of stealing passwords.

No need to worry, however (well, at least not unduly) – there are ways to circumvent this invasion of privacy. Users just need to make sure they select ‘custom install’ when fitting Windows 10 and always click ‘no’ for all options relating to sending data to Microsoft.

For those who are already using Windows 10, IB Times lists a number of ways to disable this intrusive feature – some rather more risky than others. The easiest one is to simply head to Settings > Privacy > General and unselect the option ‘Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future’. Thanks but no thanks, Microsoft.