Winter Games targeted by hackers

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Hackers hands on a laptop The Winter Olympics, which starts on 9th February in Pyeongchang, South Korea is already a target for hackers. Throughout the run up to the event, there have been apparent state-sponsored hackers, such as a campaign from Russia leaking Olympic documents, and possible North Korean hackers spying on South Korean Olympic organisations.

US cybersecurity firm McAfee has revealed that organisations linked with the sporting jamboree have received emails laced with malware, purporting to be from the host nation’s Counter-Terrorism Centre.

Emails sent from an IP address in Singapore were trying to deceive recipients into thinking the came from South Korea. According to researchers from the University of California, this is likely to be the first in a salvo of cyberattacks aimed at the Winter Olympics and other important upcoming sport-related events.

For once, North Korea is not at the top of the list of potential suspects, as it appears to be using the Games as a possible route to détente with its southerly neighbour.