Xbox One users warned about Internet prank message

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iStock_000029853200XSmallXbox One owners are being warned about an Internet prank message that could wreck their console. BBC News reports that the message, which originated on the 4Chan website – a site known for playing pranks on tech users – falsely claims to enable the new console to play games made for its predecessor – the XBox 360.

The Xbox One cannot play those older games and those following the bogus advice could “brick” their console, rendering it inoperable.

Microsoft issued a warning about the prank via social media site Twitter.

A message posted to one of the forums on the 4Chan website adapted a series of button presses, menu choices and ID details required to turn an Xbox One into a device that can be used by developers who need to test games for the console. If anyone attempts to use this sequence who is not a game developer and does not have a valid ID code would put their device in an endless start-up loop causing irreparable damage.

The Xbox One advice is just one of the latest technologically-themed pranks to emerge from 4Chan. In September, the site was the source of a fake advert purporting to come from Apple, which claimed that an iPhone updated to iOS 7 would become waterproof.

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