Young people leave the door open to hackers

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Millennials using mobile devices Surprisingly, new research suggests that it is the younger generation of Brits who are most likely to use the same online password multiple times – leaving themselves more vulnerable to hacking. In particular, anyone using messaging systems to send sensitive information such as bank details, copies of passports or driving licences, or electronic signatures are laying themselves wide open to identity theft – especially if they fail to delete the message promptly afterwards.

Cyber crooks often try a variety of passwords and log-in details harvested from data breaches, in the same way that housebreakers use a set of skeleton keys. If a user has the same security credentials across several online accounts, it makes an attacker’s life much easier. The smaller-scale email service providers, in particular, are often less well protected against incursions. As well as employing multiple passwords, it is advisable for users to utilise two-factor authentication and not to reference anything that might appear on their social media accounts – such as the names of family, pets or football teams.

The underlying message is that everyone should take our cybersecurity as seriously as they do the safety of their home or their personal health and wellbeing.