Your toothbrush is watching you

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Your toothbrush is watching youWith the advent of the Internet of Things, intelligence agencies may soon be able to monitor our every movement – even the most private ones.

The US Office of National Intelligence is already using six paradigms for collecting intelligence. They now have a new protocol called TEMPINT (temporal intelligence) which uses the IoT to track everyone’s every move. Controversially, it does not just give spooks the surveillance ability to detect criminals and terrorists as they go about their nefarious business; but also to watch what every law-abiding citizen is up to. With thousands of IoT devices already out there, and more hitting the market each month (some more useful than others) intel agencies have plenty of potential sources at their service.

While it’s good to know that the bad guys are being scrutinised, how does this affect the average person’s rights to privacy? If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, so maybe this is just the price we need to pay for staying safe… Or is it?